Why Is My Beer Hazy?

So your pint has just been served to you with a slight haze? Read the descriptions of haze below and learn about the product you hold in your hand. You may be surprised at the answers!

Beer can be hazy due to four possible things:


Until yeast has settled at the bottom of the cask the beer will look hazy. Depending on the yeast strain used this can take anywhere from 3-7 days or more. Traditionally to speed this process up breweries use Isinglass mixed in with the beer in the cask. Which is a vile smelling substance made from fish Swim Bladders.. we think we would rather our beer have a slight haze.. wouldn’t you? There are also beliefs that Isinglass removes flavour from the beer.


This is what gives a beer its foamy head; brewers remove the unnecessary protein during the brewing process in order to make the beer appear more clear.


If a pub hasn’t cleaned it’s beer lines or uses a dirty tap; the beer will most likely become infected. This will cause the beer to taste off and may go hazy. This is the only type of haze that makes a beer a ‘bad beer’. Hazy beer in this instance is a side affect of bad beer, not the cause.

4.Chill haze:

If beers are stored and served at too cold temperatures then this can (not always) cause the beer to go hazy. Leave it to warm up to 12 degrees C and the haze will disappear.


At Fable Brewery we do not use Isinglass. So yes, your beer may have just been served to you with a slight haze. But remember, you only know this because you have been served it in glass. Go further back in history and isinglass wasn’t needed because your beer would have come in a pewter tankard.

Drink with your palate not your eyes.


If anyone wants more information or has any questions about Fable beers then please email me: sam@fablebrewery.com