Started in 2017 as a Cuckoo Brewer; Fable Brewery has now grown to brew in multiple locations across Essex and London. With a large focus on community, Fable produces session beers that can be enjoyed by all and bring people together. We want Fable to be as diverse as it’s business model. Why make people go to the brewery when the brewery can go to the people? So, if you want to be apart of the journey of a brewery re-thinking the way a brewery and beer distribution works; then get some Fable Beers in your life!

Fable is for you, the modern drinker in an ever changing world.

Sam Martyn
Brewer & Founder

No Physical Brewery

At Fable we do things a bit different. We don’t have a physical brewery but instead hire the breweries of others. This is called Cuckoo or Gypsy brewing.


We believe in modern beer. Modern beer doesn’t need fish in it.

No Core Range

We don’t get caught up in having a core range. Instead we brew different and interesting beers every time we enter a Brewhouse. All you have to do is try and keep up!

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